Struggle to Strength

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Struggle To Strength is an authentic story about making adversity your advantage. This book is filled with raw vulnerability and is a must read for educators and all who need to grow from their challenges.  Read this book and keep climbing!

Jon Gordon
14x best-selling author of The Energy Bus and The One Truth

Book Cover

Throughout the pages of this remarkable book, Kip Shubert fearlessly shares his raw and vulnerable story, immersing readers in a roller coaster of triumphs and setbacks, joy and heartache. His experiences serve as a beacon of inspiration, empowering educators, leaders, and individuals from all walks of life to conquer seemingly insurmountable challenges. Kip's profound message resonates long after the final page, reminding us that each of us possesses the power to lead and love others to believe and discover that they are the greatest miracle in the world.