Kip Shubert

Reaching Students

By Reaching One Another

Kip Shubert believes that every educator, every student is the greatest miracle in the world. Out of 117 billion people who have ever existed on earth, you are the only one that is exactly like you. What a rarity! Kip has made it his life’s work to lead and love people to believe and discover that magic within them. He has experienced what it is like to climb those mountains that seemed impossible and how we can then use our story to reach back over those mountains and be that sherpa to guide others to their summit. Through sharing our secret sauce, we become connected, developing real, authentic relationships. He is convinced that this is the foundation for phenomenal teaching and learning that is life changing for students.

Each time he speaks to an audience they are captivated and on the edge of their emotions as he tells his story with a raw vulnerability you seldom hear or see in the world of education. In sharing how divorce, homelessness, addiction, losing his children, and his wife’s diagnosis with a rare incurable blood cancer he brings to life those impossible mountains we all face. He describes how we all can climb those mountains and discover that secret sauce that is the super power within every educator and every student. Kip’s message leaves every listener empowered, knowing they are seen, heard, and loved, and they will thank you for bringing him in. He continues to selflessly share that secret sauce to make a difference in our schools, our communities, and our world.

According to Kip, “ Our stories are what connects us. It is in our struggles that we find our strengths. By sharing that secret sauce in our story, our adversity is turned into our advantage as human beings. My mission is to share everything I’ve learned so educators and students can discover or reignite that why, that passion within them. To inspire them to dream big again and to use their story to connect and build relationships that are the solid foundation to teaching, learning, and schools of excellence.”

As educators, we all face our mountains. Kip believes by sharing his powerful, yet simple strategies, he leaves with you the tools to overcome any obstacles, find that secret sauce, and then begin to reach back over those mountains to be that sherpa to guide others through their struggles. That connects us, it forms life-long relationships, that Kip knows sets the course for our staff, our students, and our schools to climb to the summit of success. Kip says, “I learned the hard way the lesson of giving up on life. So today, I will never give up sharing that secret sauce. Because when you just don’t quit, you win.”

Building relationships

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